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  1. emailx45
    28.04.2017 02:04
    hi МарковАлександр

    see keygen to TeeChart 2017 now code sorce

  2. fredmontier
    23.02.2017 12:17
    Continuing ....
    That´s is not fair. There is a lot of garbage that people just copy and post here. My material is exclusive.

    I had more to post and just finishing with DiskControls to seattle and berlin. Buts if you´re going to put all my posts together when the system counts credits by the numbers of it and not by moderation by the user... i will really consider move on to another forum.
  3. fredmontier
    23.02.2017 12:16
    Why are grouping my post and consequently diminishing my number of posts since is a exclusive material I made and first PUT here ?

    I´m afiliated to this site for more than 8 years and suddenly all my post where zeroed 4 years ago and now this ?

    All the fucking warez sites are copying the material (delphifan.com, irdevelopers etc...) from here that i just posted and you a treating my work as a lesser value ?
    (to be continued)

Обо мне

  • О МарковАлександр
    РФ, Москва
    IT, Warhammer 40.000
    Род занятий
    Программист (Delphi, MS SQL)
  • Подпись
    То, что не убивает сразу, делает меня сильнее


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  • Регистрация: 23.08.2012
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